Claiming Your Listing

If you are the hotel owner or manager of the hotel listed in this directory, you can claim the listing to update the map, business description or links to booking channels.

  1. To claim your listing, open the hotel detail page.
  2. Click on the link underneath the image: Claim this listing
  3. Fill out the form: Your name, phone number, email address and a username.
    This username is what you will be using to login as soon as your claim is approved.
  4. Hit “Submit” the claim request. Wait up to 24 hours.
  5. After claim was manually approved – you receive an email, with username and password.
  6. Once approved, log into the Dashboard
  7. Update your hotel description and links
  8. Important:
    Click on “Account’ in the menu and sign up for a Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly listing.
    If you do not sign up for a paid plan, your listing will expire within 3 days.
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